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The Grand Igloo Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation with 501(C)(3) status. This status enables the Foundation to receive money from individuals who wish to make tax-deductible contributions to the Pioneers of Alaska.
  • All tax-deductible contributions are made to the Grand Igloo Foundation. These contributions support programs and activities of the Pioneers of Alaska and may be designated for a specific purpose or unrestricted, general operating use.
  • Contributions for a specific purpose could be to a building fund for a designated Igloo. In this case, the Igloo that is to receive the money must agree to use it exactly for what it was intended. The recipient must also agree to use it exactly for what it was intended. The recipient must also agree not to use this money for political purposes, such as lobbying or to help pay campaign expenses for a political candidate. These terms and conditions are agreed upon by executing a letter of agreement between the donor, the intended recipient, and the Grand Igloo Foundation before the actual donation is made.
  • A contribution may be made for Convention expenses. In this case, the money could only be used for actual convention expenses incurred by the Igloo(s) putting on the Convention. The Foundation will require detailed records be kept of the expenditures.
  • Contributions may be made to the Foundation for Grand Igloo properties and activities such as maintenance and upkeep of Snider Park in Wasilla and operational expenses for The Pioneer Pathfinder and Pioneer website.
  • Designated funds are currently being used for projects regarding the early McCarthy and Chitna Pioneer Igloos. A report on any ongoing project will be given at an annual Grand Igloo Convention.
  • A contribution may be made to the Grand Igloo Foundation without specifying a designated use. In this case, the Directors of the Foundation will decide where it will do the most good. Better storage of our records is a big concern to many. People make year-end gifts to organizations for additional tax-deductions, and this would be a good place to make one.

Make a Donation
Thank you for making a contribution. Once you open the donation form, you may fill it out online, then print off, and mail to us with the information included on the form. Please note, that you may print off the form, fill it out by hand and mail that to us.

The seven Directors are chosen by consensus of the Board of the Grand Igloo Foundation. There are two Directors from the Northern area that includes Nome, Fairbanks, and Delta Junction. There are two Directors from the Anchorage Matanuska Valley, and the Prince William Sound area. There are two Directors from the Southeast Panhandle area, and one Director from the Kodiak and Kenai Peninsula area.

Grand Igloo Foundation Officers: Grand Igloo Foundation Directors:
James Casement, President Dawn Campbell, Seward
Al Clayton Jr, Vice President Virginia Calloway, Juneau
Joy McDougall, Secretary Wesley Perkins, Nome
Judy Everard, Treasurer Fred Thorsteinson, Juneau

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