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Jim Casement Cordova Citizen of the Year

Below is the nomination letter for Cordova’s 2018 Citizen of the Year
written by Torie Baker.
Fueled by the words “community” and “history”, the results of the hard work of this year’s Cordova Citizen of the Year can be seen everywhere. A retired CHS teacher, he literally champions Cordova’s past, present and future in so many ways.

First, his blood runs Wolverine blue. Doing retirement his way, he continues to help Cordova students and athletes every day of the week…he’s the skipper of the weight room where he has been pushing athletes to dig deep, and shoveling out pieces crazy, high calorie pie to wt. room survivors every Friday morning, for over 20 years.

His passion for history knows no limits: he single handedly collected, framed and hung the Cordova HS class photos here in the gym which, year after year, spark fond memories and half time conversations. Keep your eye out for his next CHS history project here at CHS – it will be big.

At the top of this citizen’s volunteer game plan continues to be our local Pioneer Igloo. A lifetime Pioneer member, a very visible result of his passion for history and community was his team leadership of the successful, five-year project to restore and preserve this historic building. One of only 4 original Pioneer buildings left in the state, thanks in large part to his vision and energy, Cordova has now retained a nearly 100 year old, working piece of Alaska history, not just for us lucky Cordovans, but for everyone in the state, to use and enjoy for decades to come. He is the current chair of the Cordova Historical Commission, and he is the incoming president of the statewide Pioneers of Alaska organization.

This citizen, as many of you may have guessed by now, doesn’t stand on formality; he’s a “get it done” kinda team player. You’ll find him out the road four-wheeling with friends, you’ll find him at the games, and if you don’t see him scooping ice cream for the whole town tomorrow at the Igloo, know he’s nearby, keeping an eye on things, making it happen.

“He’s a keeper” is the highest compliment a fishing town can give, and Cordova continues to benefit from his drive, humor and generosity: Past, present and future – that’s what he’s all about.

So, please join me in acknowledging & thanking the 2018 Cordova Citizen of the Year, Jim Casement.
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Courtesy of the Homer Electric Collection.




Historical SocietyHello! As a historical society and/or museum you have been identified as a partner that would be interested in participating in public outreach for Alaska’s Historic Preservation Plan update. Although Alaska’s current plan, Saving Our Past, will take us through 2017, it is time to begin assessing what has been accomplished so far, address current challenges, and identify new opportunities for preservation in Alaska to guide us through 2023. We would appreciate it if you would assist in outreach, such as by posting about this on your organizations social media or sharing in your organizations newsletters or websites.

The Press Kit contains our media release, several press pieces that have run so far, and sample Social Media Posts. There is also a flyer attached that can be shared with your members, staff, or visitors. We hope this serves as a helpful tool to disseminate our survey and map and reach as many Alaskan’s as possible. Additionally, feel free to take the below language, or share the below post from Alaska State Parks directly.

Thank you for your participation, and please let us know if you have any questions.

Alaska State Parks Facebook

Sample Facebook Post: The Alaska Office of History and Archaeology is updating Alaska’s historic preservation plan and wants to know what historic places in your community matter most to you. This is your opportunity to influence the direction of the preservation movement in the state over the next five years. The most important aspect of developing a preservation plan is your opinion! Please share your thoughts by taking our short survey:

For more information on the planning process and to read our current plan, Saving our Past, you can visit our website:

Thank you!

Summer Louthan
(Formerly Rickman, please note the name change)

Architectural Historian/ Certified Local Government Coordinator
Office of History and Archaeology/SHPO
550 W 7th Avenue Suite 1310
Anchorage, Alaska 99501-3565 

OHA is updating Alaska’s historic preservation plan and wants to know what historic places matter to you. Please share your thoughts by taking a short survey that is available online at:

Another way you can share the important historic sites in your community is by participating in our #ThisPlaceMatters Alaska photo sharing campaign.  Photo submissions may include historic buildings and structures, residential neighborhoods, downtown streetscapes, historic and rural landscapes, and archaeological sites (please offset the location of archaeological sites for their protection).

Go to to submit an entry.

Go to to see previous entries on an interactive map.

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